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Long term ownership with a passion for international expansion and health care

About us

Gobia enterprises is a family-owned investment company. We have several decades of experience in building companies and developing ideas and research in to product offerings and worldwide sales. Our investment horizon is infinite and we have a strong passion for business. At Gobia we have extensive knowledge about the life science industry, and an extensive international network.

What are we looking for?

We invest in companies and ideas where we see potential for further development and expansion. Our main focus is on early stages and seed capital, where our experience can make a difference. We may also have an interest in companies in later stages if we find the right opportunity.


Jan G Smith

Jan G Smith

Chairman of the board of directors and CEO of Circius Pharma AB

Jan has over 40 years experience of leading and building international companies within pharmaceuticals and medtech. Founder of ABIGO medical with sales in 65 countries and strong international patented and recognized brands.

Jan Erik Smith

Jan Erik Smith

Partner and Vice President of Circius Pharma AB

Jan Erik has previously worked in international roles at medtech company Getinge group. He is currently working as Vice President of Circius Pharma AB. Jan Erik also several board positions in Gobia´s portfolio companies.

Our philosophy

  • We are passionate about entrepreneurship and developing ideas in to commercial successes.
  • We do investments primarily for the long term with an infinite investment horizon.
  • We are entrepreneurs and have good experience in growing a small business in to a multinational corporation. We have an extensive network combined with  a deep understanding of life science.


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